Desperado – BONUS: The Rise of Tempest Jahan (Live)

For this exclusive live-show performed at the London Podcast Festival, we’ve prepared a self-contained story within the Desperado universe. We’re forcing open the doors to the Royal College, for you to witness the rise of Tempest Jahan, reigning Witch-Queen of the United Kingdoms!

Content Warnings: Blood, violence, murder, drowning, alcohol, smoking, drugs, gunshots, injuries, racism, slavery and religious trauma. Some episodes may contain driving sounds so we advise against listening while in a car.

You can find more information, including our full cast list and transcripts, at


Written and produced by Samy Souissi.

  • Interviewer – Samy Souissi
  • Tempest Jahan – Safiyya Ingar
  • Neha Jahan – Lauren Santana
  • Damon Sallow – Felix Trench
  • Crown’s Evaluator – Erika Sanderson

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