VALENCE – Season 2, Trailer: ‘Trailer and Crowdfunding!’

It’s time for our Season 2 IndieGogo crowdfunding — and the trailer for our second season! Our crowdfunding campaign lasts until September 30th, 2020, so make sure to support while you can. We have some pretty tempting rewards we promise you won’t want to miss. You can find our crowdfunding campaign at

Scoring Magic – Season 1, Episode 22: ‘Looking Back’

SCORING MAGICEPISODE 22WRITTEN BY: WIL WILLIAMS, ANNE BAIRD, AND KATIE YOUMANSPRODUCED BY: WIL WILLIAMS Season 1 of VALENCE is DONE! We DID IT! But just like when we release the first episode of VALENCE, we feel . . . weird. In this episode of Scoring Magic, we talk wrapping the season, we look back on early episodes of Scoring Magic, and weContinue reading “Scoring Magic – Season 1, Episode 22: ‘Looking Back’”

Scoring Magic – Season 1, Episode 21: ‘F*** Energy’

SCORING MAGICEPISODE 21WRITTEN BY: WIL WILLIAMS, JOSH RUBINO, AND JOHN WESTOVERPRODUCED BY: WIL WILLIAMS It’s a very NSFW one, pals! And also, it’s got VALENCE S1E11 spoilers, so make sure you listen to that first! In this episode, I talk to Josh Rubino (Liam) and John Westover (Nico) about conveying “fuck energy.” But also, we talk about modernContinue reading “Scoring Magic – Season 1, Episode 21: ‘F*** Energy’”