Podcast Consultations

Here at Hug House Productions, we want to invite everyone into the world of podcasting. Sometimes, that means we publish resources for sites like Discover Pods, Podcast Movement, or others. Sometimes, that means putting out episodes of our documentary, Scoring Magic, which covers our process making a fiction podcast.

But sometimes, what you really need is hands-on, customized help for your podcast and your team. That’s where Hug House’s consultations come in. Think of us as your one-stop shop for everything related to getting your podcast in shape, whether you need help with marketing, writing, casting, PR, or even just figuring out if your idea would be a good fit for a podcast.

Types of Consultations

Pre-Production & Marketing

Consulting on everything to do before you jump into recording.

  • Website Creation / Design – get your website in tip-top shape, or even have us build it from scratch
  • Social Media Strategy – develop a strategy and schedule that suits your podcast and your life
  • Visual Branding – create logos, headers, and social media images that reflect the spirit of your podcast
  • Press Kits – make sure people can find out about your podcast so they can spread the word
  • Press Releases – get the attention of the press in the ways they want to hear it

Finances & Operations

Consulting on the organizational process that goes on behind the scenes.

  • Accounting – start your financial journey off right, or get help making sense of historical records
  • Crowdfunding / Support – design a successful campaign and ongoing support structure
  • Production Management – set up a production schedule and learn how to keep it on track

Content & Sound Design

Consulting on everything that will be in your podcast’s episodes.

  • Brainstorming & Storyboarding – take a concept and turn it into a fully-formed production
  • Script Editing – clean up the writing and get your script into a standard format
  • Casting Calls – create a clear and inclusive call to get you the best candidates
  • Directing – personalized training on how to direct your cast, or hire us to direct for you
  • Sound Design – one-on-one sound design training, or hire us to make your vision a reality
  • Episode Review – detailed notes on every part of your episode, minute by minute
  • Transcripts – get tips on how to make your transcripts accessible, or hire us to transcribe your content

Think of something we’ve missed or looking for a combination of things? Let us know and we’ll figure something out together! Hug House wants to help you as much as you can with your podcast, even if what you need isn’t listed here.

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