VALENCE Season 2 Indiegogo

The Indiegogo campaign to fund Season of VALENCE launched September 1st, 2020, and ran for one month, ending on September 30th, 2020. The campaign had a flexible goal of $7,000, all of which went towards paying the sound designer, actors, and composer. Overall, the campaign raised $3,102, but we were able to cover remaining costs from income from the Hug House Patreon and other sources of income.

Season 2 of VALENCE wouldn’t have been able to happen without the generous contributions from our supporters on Indiegogo!

Aki Grisham
Alice Tobin
Allison Hastings
Anjali Pasupathy
Ashley O’Neill
Bob Raymonda
Brooke Mills
Brynna Youmans
Cassie Josephs
Chandi Bohnenkamp
Charlotte Elena
Christopher Magilton
Christy Schink
Clover Gee
Damien Valencia
Danielle Welch

Ella Silva
Ella Watts
Gabriel Urbina
Good Pointe
Grace Gist
Hazel D’Aguiar
Jeff Stormer
Jeff Van Dreason
Jennifer Sugden
Karim C Kronfli
Kathryn Root
Kelsey Kelley
Kyle Decker
Leslie Joyce
Lindsay Holt

Maximilian Kreisky
Michael Hudson
Moth Davis
Ned Donovan
Eileen Baird
PJ Scott-Blankenship
Renee Youmans
Richard Kreutz-Landry
Ross Papa
Ryan Boelter
Zoey B.
Sarah Shachat
Sebastian Chong
Tal Minear
Tessa Brunt
Travis Whitehead

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