Podcast Consultations

Here at Hug House Productions, we want to invite everyone into the world of podcasting. Sometimes, that means we write resources for sites like Wil Williams Reviews, Discover Pods, Podcast Movement, or others. Sometimes, that means putting out episodes of our documentary, Scoring Magic, which covers our process making a fiction podcast.

But sometimes, what you really need is hands-on, customized help for your podcast and your team. That’s where Hug House’s consultations come in. Think of us as your one-stop shop for everything related to getting your podcast in shape, whether you need help with marketing, writing, casting, PR, or even just figuring out if your idea would be a good fit for a podcast.

You can find information on our consultations, including pricing breakdown, here:

Or, if you need an accessible version, you can find a text-only version here.

Contact hug house productions about our consultations