Scoring Magic Press Kit

You can see the full press kit, including graphics for Scoring Magic, in our Google Drive folder.

What is Scoring Magic?

There are so many guides out there for how to make a podcast, and for how to make an audio drama. But there’s a difference between reading an article and hearing the reality behind the process.

Scoring Magic is a podcast by Hug House Productions documenting every step of the process. Scoring Magic follows Anne Baird, Katie Youmans, and Wil Williams as they make their first audio drama. They’ll share tips, tricks, and resources, but also what it’s like to work on a massive creative project with friends.

A RadioPublic embed of Scoring Magic‘s trailer, which you can also find here

Who are we?

Anne Baird (she/her; they/them) is that rare mathematics and driving bi and has fully embraced both aspects of herself, channeling that energy into everything she does.

Anne primarily helps Hug House and Scoring Magic run. She keeps track of finances and practicals. She keeps everyone motivated and on-task.

Katie Youmans (she/her) has Big Queer Energy and is not afraid to use it. Mostly to write things that are meant to make others cry, but end up making her cry too. She is currently based in Maryland, where she spends her days writing for engineers and her nights listening to podcasts and dreaming up recipes to test on friends.

Katie is one of the writers on the audio drama. She helps creative decisions as well as running social media.

Wil Williams (they/them; she/her) is a podcast critic and journalist based in the barren nightmare wastelands of Phoenix. Scoring Magic is Wil’s third podcast about podcasts, because she is a parody of herself. Wil Williams writes review for Polygon, The AV Club’s Podmass, her own publication, and more.

Wil wrote the story at the foundation of the audio drama being made. She also produces Scoring Magic.

Influences and Inspirations

Scoring Magic isn’t a conversation podcast; it’s a documentary. We’re inspired by other documentaries with high production value about people embarking on some high-risk, high-reward endeavor in the arts—whether the documentary is in film (like Dior and I or Indie Game: The Movie) or other podcasts (like Radiotopia’s ZigZag or Millennial).

Scoring Magic is one part how-to educational, but it’s also one-part story of three friends taking a risk on something complex and ambitious together.