VALENCE Audio Verse Awards 2020

Want to help VALENCE become eligible for the 2020 Audio Verse Awards? We’ve gathered all the information you’ll need in order to submit our show!

Submissions for the Audio Verse Awards are open until September 30th, 2020, so don’t delay on getting those submissions in!

Production Information

This is the basic information you’ll need for the nomination! After you enter this, you’ll get to pick what specifically you’d like to nominate VALENCE for.

What about this production would you like to nominate?

Here’s where you get to pick what you’d like to nominate us for! We’ve assembled all the information for each nomination; you just get to pick what you think should win!

(Each of these need to be submitted separately, so feel free to (and please do!) nominate us for anything and everything!)

The links below will take you to each category’s information:

Original Music Composition


  • Full Name of Performer / Role Name / Type of Role
    • Josh Rubino / Liam Alden / Leading Role
    • John Westover / Nico Salvai / Supporting Role
    • Caleb Del Rio / Flynn Velasco / Supporting Role
    • Jordan Cobb / Sarah Harris / Supporting Role
    • Katie Chin / Grace Chen / Supporting Role
    • Elena Fernández Collins / Soledad Marquez / Supporting Role
    • Giancarlo Herrera / Luis Acebo / Supporting Role
    • Ishani Kanetkar / Mahira Varma / Supporting Role
    • Naomi McMillan / Morgan Reilley / Supporting Role
    • Alex Welch / Noel Alden / Supporting Role
    • David S. Dear / Richard Alden / Supporting Role

Production Cover Art

Sound Design

  • Nominating the Production for Its:
    • Action Sound Design
  • Were Three or More People Responsible for the Sound Design?
    • No
  • Who is Responsible for the Sound Design?
    • Julia Schifini

Vocal Direction

  • Full Name of Vocal Director:
    • Anne Baird
    • Katie Youmans
    • Wil Williams
  • This is a person present during recording and actively coaches the performance:
    • Yes


  • Were three or more people responsible for the writing of the production?
    • No
  • Who is responsible for the writing?
    • Wil Williams and Katie Youmans (PLEASE LIST BOTH)

The Whole Production

  • There’s no information needed for this one, you just hit submit!

Now that you’ve had a chance to view all the information, here’s a link to the nomination page again for convenience:

We hope you consider VALENCE for nominations in all of the categories! If you have any questions, you can always reach out to us at