Hug House Productions is a podcast production collective that focuses on spotlighting stories by and about marginalized groups. While our specialty is in fiction and audio drama, we’ve also dabbled in documentaries and chat-style podcasts—we love a little bit of everything!

You can find a full list of the shows we are currently producing here.

Mission Statement

Hug House’s goal in coming together and creating podcasts is to bring stories to the world that feature and spotlight queer characters and artists, as well as those from other marginalized groups. In telling these stories, Hug House also seeks to educate people about the reality of and process that goes into creating these types of stories so that others may learn from our successes and our follies as they bring their own experiences and stories to the wonderful medium of podcasts.

Our Team

WIL WILLIAMS – Chief Executive Officer

Wil (they/them) is a podcast critic and journalist based in the barren nightmare wastelands of Phoenix. Wil is the showrunner and sound designer of VALENCE and Scoring Magic, co-host of How to Act Fereldan, host of Tuned In, Dialed Up and Empty The Queues, as well as the lead interview editor on Radio Drama Revival. Wil has previously worked the head of communications and community for the Apollo app for audio fiction, and you can find Wil’s podcast reviews on their own website, Polygon, The AV Club’s Podmass, Spotify for Podcasters, and Discover Pods.


ANNE BAIRD – Chief Financial & Operations Officer

Anne Baird (they/them) is a certified mathematics nerd and business enthusiast, spending their days managing real estate operations at their home on the Jersey Shore and their free time running around with horses. Anne is a co-host on Scoring Magic, the producer of VALENCE, and showrunner for How to Act Fereldan. Anne is also the marketing manager and line producer for Radio Drama Revival and a podcast account manager with Tink Media.



Ely (they/them) is a podcast critic and forensic sociolinguist living in Portland, OR with one cat and one ongoing Master’s thesis, in an apartment that ain’t big enough for all three of them. Ely is the They write about podcasts for their own website, outlets like The A.V. Club’s Podmass, The Bello Collective, and Discover Pods, and curate their own newsletter about fiction podcasts, Audio Dramatic, and also host the Radio Drama Revival podcast.


GIANCARLO HERRERA – Artist’s Representative

Giancarlo (he/him) is an actor you may have seen, heard, or otherwise experienced in some capacity. Presently, you can hear him on CARAVAN (Argeaux), VALENCE (Luis Acebo), Primordial Deep (Aden “Spinner” Davit), and Descendents (Declan), or on screen in the upcoming film The Cannibal Killer (Jeffrey Dahmer). Giancarlo is one of the co-founders of Whimsic Productions, through which he is a DM on Dungeons & Drimbus and a co-host on Should I Buy It Though?. He is also one of the co-hosts of How to Act Fereldan with Hug House Productions.



The following documents are provided to all artists who work with Hug House Productions. By working with us at Hug House Productions, you are agreeing to follow these policies and the Equality in Audio Pact detailed above. These documents have been adapted from the works of HartLife NFP, and you are free to adapt or use language from them when creating your own documentation.

Giancarlo’s role as Hug House’s Artist’s Representative means that he acts as a go-between or liaison between individuals on a show’s cast or crew as an alternative to reaching out to the showrunner or the founders of the company as a part of our Reporting Path. This serves as a way to foster a safe and comfortable environment for all members of our team and to address any issues that may arise in a sensitive and timely manner.

If you’d like to learn more about how we apply these policies, please reach out to us at hughouseproductions@gmail.com.

Equality In Audio

Hug House Productions is a proud supporter of Broccoli Content’s Equality in Audio Pact.

By signing this pact, we pledge to the following:

  1. Pay interns / No longer use unpaid interns.
  2. Hire LGBTQIA+, black people, people of colour and other minorities on projects not only related to their identity.
  3. If you are a company that releases gender pay gap reports, release your race pay gap data at the same time. (*We do not report on gender pay gaps, but support this clause)
  4. No longer participate in panels that are not representative of the cities, towns, and industries they take place in.
  5. Be transparent about who works for your company, as well as their role, position and permanency.

A list of all signers, more information about the pledge, and a link to sign the Equality in Audio Pact can be found at EqualityInAudioPact.CO.UK.

Upcoming Events

  • Nothing right now! We’ll update this page when we plan to attend something!