About Us

Hug House Productions is a podcast production collective made up of three queer friends: Anne Baird, Katie Youmans, and Wil Williams. Hug House Productions is currently producing Scoring Magic, a documentary about the process of making an audio drama, and VALENCE, that very audio drama.

Mission Statement

Hug House’s goal in coming together and creating podcasts is to bring stories to the world that feature and spotlight queer characters and artists, as well as those from other marginalized groups. In telling these stories, Hug House also seeks to educate people about the reality of and process that goes into creating these types of stories so that others may learn from our successes and our follies as they bring their own experiences and stories to the wonderful medium of podcasts.

Anne Baird

Anne Baird is that rare mathematics and driving bi and has fully embraced both aspects of herself, channeling that energy into everything she does. When she is not managing operations for the real estate investment company that employs her, Anne enjoys traveling the world and learning as much as she can about anything and everything. If she’s not at home on the Jersey Shore, Anne can usually be found on a weekend jaunt to visit her wife, the Epcot Ball, or creating endless spreadsheets for fun.



Katie Youmans has Big Queer Energy and is not afraid to use it. Mostly to write things that are meant to make others cry, but end up making her cry too. She is currently based in Maryland, where she spends her days writing for engineers and her nights listening to podcasts and dreaming up recipes to test on friends. You can find her on Twitter, or somewhere in standstill traffic on I-495 screaming into an uncaring universe.


You better believe it: another big bi! Wil Williams is a podcast critic and journalist based in the barren nightmare wastelands of Phoenix. Scoring Magic is Wil’s third podcast about podcasts, because she is a parody of herself. The others are Tuned In, Dialed Up, a conversation show about the podcast industry, and Radio Drama Revival, an audio drama spotlight and interview show. Wil Williams writes review for Polygon, The AV Club’s Podmass, her own publication, and more.


Podcast Movement 2019

Anne, Katie, and Wil will be attending Podcast Movement 2019 from August 13th – 16th in Orlando, Florida. Wil is a curator for Podcast Movement’s fiction track and will be presenting on several panels.

PodTales 2019

Anne and Katie will be attending PodTales 2019 on October 20th in Boston, Massachusetts.