Blood magic, Voodoo magic, old gods, new gods: We’ve got it all!?
Follow the story of misfits from all over the world, as they try to survive and protect their heritage from modern-day crusaders.

About Desperado

Desperado takes place in a world almost like ours, if myths and witchcraft were alive and thriving. The story is told by 3 characters, each chosen by the god of Death of their respective culture, as their powers awaken. The first is Elio Lorès. With his tall stature, scruffy beard and too-many scars, Elio has more than enough to intimidate. He grew up in a small village named Azcatla, lost in the plains of Mexico. But on the night it all started, Azcatla is ablaze.

For most of North-America is patrolled by modern-day inquisitors, priests in kevlar vests and cotton sleeves, their armors stitched between centuries. Armed from head to toe, they eliminated everyone in Azcatla under accusations of witchcraft. But Elio manages to escape. He runs to a city in ruins and there he finds the last remnants of an old spirit. The village’s ancestral guardian. And under Elio’s desperate prayer, she awakens again, using him as a vessel for her vengeance. From then on, Elio will have to escape mercenaries and hunters chasing after him. During his journey he’ll be joined by Shinji and Talia, respectively from Japan and Haïti. Together they’ll unite forces under one objective: take down the Old Man In The Sky, the deity from which all crusaders draw their powers.

To survive, they’ll have to become God Killers.


Desperado is written and produced by Samy Souissi.


  • Elio – Samy Souissi
  • Shinji – Tibet Boyer
  • Talia – Tami Ige
  • Samar – Kawtar Morchadi
  • Joan – Emma Blacklay-Piech
  • Leo – Femi Adebowale
  • Baron Samedi – AJ Bediako
  • Marcus – Owen Gardiner
  • Kasumi – Sarah Passos
  • Jun – Martine Bentsen

Additional cast and crew credits can be found on the individual episode pages.

Fan Art

Check out this selection of fan art from Desperado‘s audience!

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