Hug House Productions is an independent podcast collective that runs on listener support. We were founded by three queer friends, and we working with creators of various marginalized identities. Hug House Productions has a business model that pays our actors and producers first, followed by re-investing in our own shows, followed by paying our founders. Your support directly contributes to actors and producers making a fair wage for their work.

One-time donations

One-time donations can be made to Hug House Productions via Ko-Fi or Paypal:

You can also support our individual podcasts via Pinecast’s tip jar:

You can also mail checks to our PO box:

PO Box 5266
Mesa, AZ 85211


The Indiegogo campaign to fund Season 1 of our upcoming audio drama VALENCE launched August 31st, 2019, and runs for one month, ending on September 30th, 2019. The campaign has a flexible goal of $4,000, all of which is going towards the producer and actors. The flexible goal ensures that all received payment will go towards VALENCE regardless of whether or not the campaign succeeds.

As an incentive, Hug House will be publicly sharing a casting announcement for every 10% of the campaign. At each subsequent 10% landmark, a cast member will be chosen via random dice roll and announced on the Hug House Twitter.

Perks of the Indiegogo campaign include things like access to one (1) secret, a bespoke magic sound, and a mysterious package from Halo, Inc.

Recurring donations

You can support Hug House Productions on a per-episode release basis via Patreon. Supporting us on Patreon gets you special Patron perks like access to our Discord chat server, behind-the-scenes information on Scoring Magic and VALENCE, surprise audio clips, and more.

hug house supporters

This is a list of everyone who is supporting us on Patreon and is helping to make this possible. A thousand “thank you”s to all of you for your support.

  • Alyna Gorman
  • Brynna Youmans
  • Buddy Duquesne
  • Darcy Kennedy
  • Eileen Baird
  • Erin M Speckley
  • Fox Cooper
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Jeff Goldman
  • Jeff Van Dreason
  • Liam Belson
  • Mads Upton
  • Ostium Podcast
  • PJ Scott-Blankenship
  • Richard Kreutz-Landry
  • Ross Papa
  • Ryan Boelter
  • Sarah Popp
  • Tess Cocchio
  • Whitney Johnson