Scoring Magic

There are so many guides out there for how to make a podcast, and for how to make an audio drama. But there’s a difference between reading an article and hearing the reality behind the process.

Scoring Magic follows creators at Hug House Productions as they create fiction podcasts. They’ll share tips, tricks, and resources, but also what it’s like to work on a massive creative project with friends.

Seasons 1 and 2 follow the creation of the 3-season urban fantasy podcast VALENCE. Season 3 will cover an upcoming solo (or mostly solo) project.

Influences & Inspirations

Scoring Magic isn’t a conversation podcast; it’s a documentary. We’re inspired by other documentaries with high production value about people embarking on some high-risk, high-reward endeavor in the arts — whether the documentary is in film (like Dior and I or Indie Game: The Movie) or other podcasts (like Radiotopia’s ZigZag or Millennial).

Scoring Magic is one part how-to educational, but it’s also one-part story of three friends taking a risk on something complex and ambitious together.