Cast and Crew – Season 1

Primary Cast

Josh Rubino as Liam Alden (he/him)
Josh Rubino (he/him) is a Brooklyn-based voice and character actor who loves talking but hates writing about himself. He’s been playing the characters you love to hate and is featured as the Demon Lord Baal in The Whisperforge’s CARAVAN as well as the nefarious Captain Root in Rogue Dialogue’s Windfall. He is beyond thrilled to dip his toe into the pool of protagonism by playing Liam Alden in Hug House’s VALENCE – surely the most anticipated show of the season.
Find him at @ProfCoppermane on Twitter.

John Westover as Nico Salvai (he/him, any)
John Westover (he/him) is a newcomer to voice acting who is perhaps more goblin than man. During the day he can be found straining against various IT jobs, but at night he comes alive: Tik Tok compilations, Minecraft, binge watching TV… the world is his oyster. He also loves D&D, meta nonsense, and unapologetically loves the things he loves.
If you feel so inclined, you can find John on Twitter @JHWestover.

Caleb Del Rio as Flynn Velasco (he/him)
Caleb Del Rio (he/him) is a native Floridian who tripped and fell his way into podcasting as a fledgling voice actor for Jim Robbie and the Wanderers recording lines in a hot, cramped closet. Since then, he’s co-written multiple episodes of JRatW, graduated to a larger, better ventilated closet, and taken on roles for a variety of audio dramas, Greater Boston, What’s the Frequency, Tides, and Otherverse.
Caleb is on Twitter @Caleb_DelRio.

Jordan Cobb as Sarah Harris (she/her)
Jordan Cobb (she/her) is the creator of No Such Thing Productions, where she is currently producing and performing in the high seas adventure-thriller audio drama Primordial Deep (as Dr. Marella Morgan), and the science fiction horror series Janus Descending (as Chel). She has been featured on over a dozen audio dramas, and when she isn’t comfortably settled behind the mic, she’s buried up to her ears in paper and ink, dreaming up new worlds of the wild, weird, andwonderful. You can find her wandering through the streets of New York City, or more reliably at
You can check out Jordan on Twitter at @inkphemeral.

Katie Chin as Grace Chen (she/her)
A friend has appeared! Newcomer approaching! Katie Chin (she/her) works towards her P.Eng by day, but at night, you name it. Magic, mystery, superheroes, dungeon crawling, hyperdrive travel… Katie loves Tabletop RPGs and isn’t afraid to shout it to the world.
Katie can be found on Twitter at @KatiePeak.

Elena Fernández Collins as Soledad Marquez (they/she)
Elena Fernández Collins (they/them) is a podcast critic and forensic sociolinguist living in Portland, OR with one cat and one ongoing Master’s thesis, in an apartment that ain’t big enough for all three of them. They write about podcasts for their own website, outlets like The A.V. Club’s Podmass, The Bello Collective, and Discover Pods, and curate their own newsletter about fiction podcasts, Audio Dramatic. In a distant past, she performed in college theatrical productions; more recently, you can hear her as the voice of Marisol, the intergalactic pizza delivery girl on Ostium’s special episodes for International Podcast Month.
Ely’s Twitter is @ShoMarq.

Giancarlo Herrera as Luis Acebo (he/him)
Giancarlo Herrera (he/him) is an actor you may have seen, heard, or otherwise experienced in some capacity. Presently, you can hear him on CARAVAN (Argeaux), see him live in Pirate’s Voyage (Calico Jack), or on screen in the upcoming film The Cannibal Killer (Jeffrey Dahmer).
To stay up to date with what he’s working on, or just to chat, follow him at @Gianster98 or check out

Ishani Kanetkar as Mahira Varma (she/her)
Ishani Kanetkar (she/her) stumbled into voice acting on The Strange Case of Starship Iris back when she was a perpetually exhausted grad student; since then, she’s acquired a PhD, a day job, and lead roles on The Godshead Incidental and Second Star to the Left among other audio drama appearances. In her free(???) time, she is also a performing artist, instructor, social media manager, and administrative assistant for a local arts non-profit, and is currently branching out into co-hosting with upcoming discussion podcast One Does Not Simply. Unsurprisingly, she remains exhausted.
You can also find Ishani on both Twitter @IshaniKanetkar and Tumblr.

Naomi McMillan as Morgan Reilley (she/her)
With a decade of voice acting in her rear view, Naomi McMillan (she/her) is cautiously optimistic about launching head first into the audio drama realm. Although her perspective derives from the molecular level, her malleable morals enable her to fly in the face of fact, all for the greater good. She’s been called Lt. Colonel, Mom and Cat Guardian, and is eager to hone in on shaping Morgan Reilley into a believable humanitarian dedicated to the VALENCE cause.
Find more of Naomi’s work on her website!

Alex Welch as Noel Alden (she/her)
Alex Welch (she/her) is a New York City-based actor and writer. She is the creator and voice of Abby in the upcoming Lock-Ups, the voice of Sam in The 12:37, the voice of The Mayor in The Influx Podcast, and has appeared in several other podcasts such as The Viridian WildSupernatural Sexuality with Doctor Seabrooke, and Greater Boston. When not in front of the mic, Alex is probably petting dogs, dreaming about being bicoastal, or passionately defending theme park opinions on the internet. 
Alex’s Twitter is @AlexWelch81.

David S. Dear as Richard Alden (he/him)
David S. Dear (he/him) is the producer, writer, and voice of the protagonist Januae in the audio drama A Ninth World Journal, co-producer of Listen, Rinse, Repeat podcast, and cast member of the sci-fi comedy OZ-9. His voice can also be heard on several other shows such as Vampires of White Chapel, Rise of King Asilas, Witchever Path, and Moonbase Theta, Out, Deconstructed Criticism, and has narrated over 30 audiobooks. When he’s not talking in front of a mic he geeks out on Numenera and talks incessantly about his wife and furbabies.
You can find David on his website or on Twitter at @DavidSDear.


Wil Williams – Showrunner and Lead Writer
Wil (they/she) is a podcast critic and journalist based in the barren nightmare wastelands of Phoenix. Wil is the showrunner of VALENCE and Scoring Magic, co-host of How to Act Fereldan, host of Tuned In, Dialed Up and Empty The Queues, as well as the line producer and lead interview editor on Radio Drama Revival, an audio drama spotlight and interview show. You can find Wil’s podcast reviews on their own website, PolygonThe AV Club’s PodmassSpotify for Podcasters, and Discover Pods, for which Wil is also the Managing Editor.

Katie Youmans – Director, Writer, Transcript Editor
Katie (she/her) is tired all the time, but has not let that stop her yet. She is currently based in Maryland, where she spends her days writing for engineers and her nights listening to podcasts, moving her cat off of the keyboard, and writing things that are meant to make others cry, but end up making her cry too. Katie is the co-host of Scoring Magic, lead director and writer for VALENCE, and the showrunner for HEXADEC. You can find her on Twitter, or somewhere in standstill traffic on I-495 screaming into an uncaring universe.

Anne Baird – Producer, Script Editor, Co-Director
Anne Baird (she/they) is a certified mathematics nerd and business enthusiast, spending her days managing operations for a real estate company at her home on the Jersey Shore and her free time running around with horses. Anne is a co-host on Scoring Magic, the producer of VALENCE, and showrunner for How to Act Fereldan. Anne is also the marketing manager and an interviews producer for Radio Drama Revival.

Julia Schifini – Sound Designer (Season 1)
Julia Schifini (she/her) has worked as a podcast producer and co-host for over three years. As researcher and co-host of Spirits, she leads listeners through the boozy world of mythology, folklore, and urban legends. Comfortable on mic, Julia knows the ins and outs of podcast production.
Julia produced Janus Descending and Primordial Deep for No Such Things Productions. She also produces Honey Roast, a nonfiction podcast. Julia also works behind the scenes with independent podcast collectives Multitude and The Whisperforge.
You can find out more about Julia on Twitter at @JuliaSchifini or on her website,

Raul Vega – Theme Song Composer
Raul Vega (he/him) is an L.A. based composer and the creator of the audio drama podcast Rose Drive. He has worked in the entertainment industry for over seven years as a digital instrument builder for film composer Hans Zimmer. Needless to say – music is his language.
You can find him on Instagram and Twitter @RowdyVega.

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