Coming Soon: VALENCE

The VALENCE feed is now live! Welcome to New Candler, cultural epicenter of the United States. Visit Trudon Circle, an art mecca turned tourist trap where you can find musicals, massive neon billboards, street performers, and pickpockets. The bodega on 12th and Salt will sell you spells on the cheap if you know how to ask, butContinue reading “Coming Soon: VALENCE”

Episode 12: Live Table Reads

This is a RadioPublic embed for Scoring Magic, “Live Table Reads“. Date Published: 12/07/2019 Written By: Katie Youmans, Anne Baird, and Wil Williams Produced By: Wil Williams We’re RECORDING, folks! In this episode, we talk about the ups and downs of having you cast record together versus just asynchronously. Buckle up for talk about schedulingContinue reading “Episode 12: Live Table Reads”

Episode 11: Social Media is Scary! (But Necessary!)

Date published: 11/23/2019Written by: Anne Baird, Katie YoumansProduced by: Wil Williams Sometimes you’re a social media grandma. And that’s okay. Like everything with Hug House, our first step in finalizing our social media strategy was to identify our shortcomings and reach out for help–and then the second was all organization. We promise, running your socialsContinue reading “Episode 11: Social Media is Scary! (But Necessary!)”

Episode 9: Check-In 1

Date published: 10/26/2019Written by: Anne Baird, Katie Youmans, Wil WilliamsProduced by: Wil Williams It’s high time we checked in with our progress, but also ourselves. How are we feeling? Well, um . . . FUGUE STATE! FUGUE STATE! FUGUE STATE! Find out what your magic sounds like with our quiz! Find the episode of Start with This aboutContinue reading “Episode 9: Check-In 1”

Episode 8: Balancing Responsibilities

Date published: 10/12/2019Written by: Wil WilliamsProduced by: Wil Williams It’s time for Wil to explain some of her overworking crimes. This week, take a dive into what Wil’s daily workload looks like, how she’s learned to manage it, and the BIG life change that’s hopefully going to make things a lot easier for her. JordanContinue reading “Episode 8: Balancing Responsibilities”

Episode 7: Money, Please!

Date published: 9/28/2019Written by: Anne BairdProduced by: Wil Williams As the Hug House team’s Indiegogo for season 1 of VALENCE winds down, Anne brings you sage knowledge about how money works. No, don’t run away! We know–money is super scary. But it’s also important, and you gotta know about it. Besides, don’t you want to hear about theContinue reading “Episode 7: Money, Please!”

Episode 6: The Casting Process

Date published: 9/14/2019Written by: Wil WilliamsProduced by: Wil Williams Last episode, we told you about our casting call. This episode, we’re going to talk about what happened when we started listening to auditions. Learn from our mistakes! Trust your gut! And hear some of our initial reactions to auditions along the way. Scoring Magic is presentedContinue reading “Episode 6: The Casting Process”

Episode 5: Casting Calls

Date published: 8/31/2019Written by: Anne Baird, Wil WilliamsProduced by: Wil Williams When you make something with a cast, you have to . . . cast it. And when you cast something, you have to make a casting call. This week, hear about how Hug House went about its casting call–plus our usual updates and anContinue reading “Episode 5: Casting Calls”