Scoring Magic – Season 1, Trailer: ‘Coming June 22nd: Scoring Magic’

A RadioPublic embed of the episode, which can also be found here.

Date published: 6/8/2019
Written by: Wil Williams
Produced by: Wil Williams

“Create is feels good.”

Scoring Magic is a documentary about three friends making a fiction podcast together. Starting June 22nd, we’ll be sharing our process every other week. You won’t just get tips and tricks on how to make your own fiction podcast–you’ll also hear about real experiences, the ups and downs, the struggles and successes we meet along the way.

Scoring Magic is presented by Hug House Productions. You can support us for behind-the-scenes details and early previews of upcoming projects on Patreon.

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WIL WILLIAMS (WW) Narration: I have always been interested in how fiction can make the impossible sound real. My name is Wil Williams. I’m a podcast critic, and it’s probably not surprising to hear that my favorite medium in the podcast scene is fiction.

WW Field Recording: We’re recording . . . because I’m gonna pitch to you–I’m like–my soul is like leaving my body as I’m saying this–

WW Narration: For the last six or so years, I’ve wanted to make something in this space.

WW Field Recording: And I realized that a lack of creative endeavors is slowly killing me, and by slowly, I mean quickly.

WW Narration: I knew I couldn’t make this audio drama alone, and even if I could, I knew I needed some outside help.

WW Field Recording: Create is feel’s good, uhhhhhhhh, and have friends is good feel.

WW, Anne Baird (AB), and Katie Youmans (KT): (Laugh)

KY Field Recording: All of these are true.

KY Narration: Hi, I’m Katie Youmans.

AB Field Recording: You’re not wrong.

AB Narration: Hi, I’m Anne Baird.

KY Field Recording: Create is feel good.

WW Field Recording: Create is happens and have friends good feel is it. Uhhhh . . .

WW, AB, and KT: (Laugh)

WW Narration: And you can hear the whole process of us working together on this unnamed audio drama, start to finish, every other week. We’re going to share with you the highs and lows of creating. We’re going to share our honest fears alongside our exciting successes. We’re going to share tips, tools, guides, and resources that we use along the way. Join us every other week as we figure out what magic sounds like, here on Scoring Magic.


This episode, we used the following pieces of music:

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