VALENCE – Season 1, Bonus: ‘Luis’s Guided Relaxation’

RELEASE DATE: 03/16/2020

Things are scary right now. And things are scary a lot of the time. Here at Hug House, we wanted to give you something to help calm you in times of worry. We hope you enjoy this bonus episode, a guided relaxation exercise from Luis. Take a walk on a calm beach. Thank your heart. Watch the tide take your worries away. Everything changes. Everything remains.

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Content warnings:
– Depictions of the ocean and waves throughout

– The music in this episode was “You, Yourself and the Main Character” by Komiku.
– This episode was written, edited, and sound designed by Wil Williams,
– and performed by Giancarlo Herrera as Luis Acebo.


LUIS: Hello. My name is Luis Acebo. I know things are scary right now. Things are overwhelming. But right now, for these next few minutes, I would like to help you find some peace, if you would like to join me.

Okay, friend. Let’s start by focusing on our breathing. Breathe with me. Deep breath in . . . deep breath out . . . How does your heart feel? It may feel heavy. It may feel scared. I don’t want you to be mad at your heart. It is trying to protect you. I thank your heart for making sure you are safe. Take a moment to appreciate your heart for understanding the gravity of your present situation, whatever that gravity and situation might be. We must always appreciate ourselves and our worries before trying to move past them. We must first acknowledge where we are.

Deep breath in . . . deep breath out.

Close your eyes. Now. Imagine you are on a bright, clear beach. The horizon is endless. The sky is clear. Feel the sand under your feet, warm and soft. Consider the rocks and earth and minerals that have slowly given way to these tiny, individual grains of sand. Everything changes, but everything remains. A mountain is beautiful–and so is a beach.

Breathe in. Smell the salt water, the fresh-clear air. Feel the breeze on your skin. Let your shoulders drop. Relax your neck. Relax your jaw.

Now, let’s turn towards the ocean. If the ocean scares you, that’s okay. You can stay with me here, and we can face the ocean together–or, you can pause this recording, open your eyes, and be back where you are. That’s okay too. I will give you a moment to decide.

Alright. Let’s turn towards the ocean. See the waves pulling back on themselves, then coming back towards you, bubbling against the sand only to pull back once again. Everything changes, but everything remains. 

In the sand, draw or write something. Try to express your worry in whatever way feels correct. Step away, and watch as the tide carries the drawing away.

Imagine what your worry looks like inside of yourself. Now, whether or not you are a mage, imagine transforming that worry into smoke. Watch as the smoke pulls away from the edges of you, then trails to your index finger, then out into the sand through your finger. As you draw in the sand, let that worry and that index finger guide you. Draw slowly, calmly, in the sand, until all of the smoke is gone. Take a step away from your drawing. Look at the drawing, and appreciate it. Then, watch as the tide gently comes back up the beach . . . and carries it away.

Deep breath in . . . deep breath out.

Thank you for joining me. Acknowledging your worry can be scary. I’m proud of you for being here, and I’m proud of you for letting your worry go, even if just for now.

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