VALENCE – Season 2, Trailer: ‘Trailer and Crowdfunding!’


It’s time for our Season 2 IndieGogo crowdfunding — and the trailer for our second season! Our crowdfunding campaign lasts until September 30th, 2020, so make sure to support while you can. We have some pretty tempting rewards we promise you won’t want to miss. You can find our crowdfunding campaign at


WIL: Hi. Today, September 1st, 2020, marks the first day of our IndieGogo campaign for VALENCE Season 2. To celebrate, we have for you the season 2 trailer–but first, some announcements.

WIL: First: To the VALENCE fan who works at a New Jersey Dunkin Donuts, saw a person in the drive through wearing a VALENCE shirt, and said they liked the podcast, only for the person to say “THANKS ME TOO” and drive off . . . that was Anne. We appreciate you so deeply, Dunks employee, and we’re sorry that we’re all anxiety dumbasses.

WIL: Second: Hey did you hear that Amazon made a data-mining tone-policing body-shaming wearable piece of smart tech and literally called it the Halo? Remember that time I accidentally a prophecy? If you haven’t heard about this yet, it’s a full-on nightmare. You can read about it on our Recommended Reading page over at

WIL: Third: Now, let’s talk about the Season 2 Indiegogo. This season, we have a goal of $7000. Most of that will go towards our incredible cast, as well as paying me for my sound design work. This has been a hard year for everyone, and VALENCE can’t be made without donations from our audience. But we also know it’s probably been just as hard a year for you. When I say that sharing our campaign on social media is as appreciated as donations, I hope you know I really mean it.

WIL: At $7000, we’ll be able to pay our actors a reasonable rate–but we also have stretch goals so we can give them a raise and start saving for season 3, which yes, in true Hug House fashion, we’re already planning and writing. If our campaign hits $10,000, we’ll make an episode entirely from Nico’s perspective. And trust me, you’re really going to want that for this season.

WIL: If our campaign hits $15,000, you’ll get an even rarer bonus episode: one from the perspective of Morgan Reilley herself, which will contain some spoilers we’ve been keeping quiet for a very long time.

WIL: And if our campaign hits $20,000, we’ll let you, our audience, choose what bonus episode we make. Want Mahira backstory? We can do that. Want an episode where Flynn is the protagonist of a shounen anime? We can do that. Want a Liam and Nico date episode? You sap. Yeah, we can absolutely do that.

WIL: The campaign also includes add-on purchases you can make for things like a PDF of Stabl, the book VALENCE is taken from, or a custom magic sound made by me. You can find all of this at That’s bit dot LY slash Valence S and the number 2.

WIL: And now, without further ado, here’s our trailer for our second season. Please feel free to yell at us on Twitter.

HALO VOICE: [DING] Welcome to Halo! We’re so happy to have you on our team.

HALO VOICE: [DING] Now, let’s get started!

What is your social security number. [DING]
What is your address. [DING]
What is your phone number. [DING]
What is your driver’s license number. [DING]
What is your date of birth. [DING]
What is your height. [DING]
What is your weight. [DING]
What is your hair color. [DING]
What is your eye color. [DING]
What is your ethnicity. [DING]
What is your religion. [DING]
What are your pronouns. [DING]
What is your current relationship status. [DING]

HALO VOICE: Congratulations —

LIAM: [groans] Liam Alden.

HALO VOICE: — D7ECE2. You’re now officially part of the Halo team!


WIL: Return to New Candler with VALENCE Season 2, coming January 9th, 2021.

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