Desperado – Season 2, Episode 1: What Rhymes With Storms

Lightning struck, and its survivors are left to piece themselves back together. The wind wails, the ocean writhe. From the corpse of a storm blooms another.

Content Warnings: Blood, violence, murder, drowning, alcohol, smoking, drugs, gunshots, injuries, racism, slavery and religious trauma. Some episodes may contain driving sounds so we advise against listening while in a car.

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Written and produced by Samy Souissi

  • Elio – Samy Souissi
  • Shinji – Tibet Boyer
  • Talia – Tami Ige
  • Asher – Patrick Hutcherson
  • La Catrina – Carolina Hoyos
  • Baron Samedi – AJ Bediako
  • Tempest – Safiyya Ingar
  • Caleb – Rhys Downing


  • Druids of The Witchwood – Morgan Nichols


Transcript coming soon! Sorry for the delay — we’re still reworking our process with the hosting change!

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