Desperado – BONUS: The Rise of Tempest Jahan (Live)

For this exclusive live-show performed at the London Podcast Festival, we’ve prepared a self-contained story within the Desperado universe. We’re forcing open the doors to the Royal College, for you to witness the rise of Tempest Jahan, reigning Witch-Queen of the United Kingdoms!

Desperado – BONUS: Beneath Our Feet

Beneath Our Feet is a six-part episodic drama exploring home and belonging, urban regeneration and community ownership. The series follows 5 young people as they attend an underground rave below their estate, the night before it’s going to be bulldozed to make way for new-build flats. Whilst at the rave, the ground collapses beneath their feet, and they end up trapped in a vast underground cave network. They have to use their memories of the folklore surrounding the system – passed down through the generations – to navigate their way to safety, through tiny passageways, across underground lakes, and through doors locked by mysterious codes.

Desperado – BONUS: Detour Through Meteor City

Rather than leave you with nothing for this week while we finalize the second half of this season of Desperado, we’re bringing you a little treat from our friends at Wrightwood Studios! Meteor City is an alternate history sci-fi audio drama created and produced by Wrightwood Studios. Wrightwood Studios is based out of the Quad Cities and comprised of a diverse team of writers, directors, actors, and sound designers. Enjoy episode 1 of Meteor City: “Patty Melt”.