VALENCE – Season 3, Episode 6: “Static”

Grace isn’t a people person. Liam isn’t well. And Nico isn’t putting up with his shit.

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VALENCE was created by Wil Williams. This episode was written by Katie Youmans, and edited and sound designed by Wil Williams. This episode was directed by Anne Baird and Katie Youmans, transcribed by Katie Youmans, and produced by Anne Baird. The VALENCE Season 3 theme was composed by Travis Reaves.

Performances by:

  • Josh Rubino as Liam Alden and Liam’s Inner Voice,
  • Noami McMillan as Morgan Reilley,
  • John Westover as Nico Salvai,
  • Caleb Del Rio as Flynn Velasco,
  • Jordan Cobb as Sarah Harris,
  • Katie Chin as Grace Chen,
  • Ishani Kanetkar as Mahira Varma,
  • Alex Welch as Noel Alden,
  • Elena Fernández Collins as Soledad Marquez,
  • Salvatore Hall as Teddy Galford,
  • and Sable as Soap!


[[A door handle turns and clicks open. Soft wind chimes tinkle.]]

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[Season 3 theme music starts, gentle and driving acoustic guitar that builds, bringing in electric instruments and feeling like the beginning of what you always wanted a road trip to be when you imagined it]

[begin episode]

Scene 1

EXT. a suburban street, midafternoon

Two cars pulling up in front of a house, the TEAm getting out, grabbing backpacks/assorted things they had with them

GRACE: Before we go in, I should warn you all-

Sound of a camera zooming in as Liam’s Inner Morgan perks up


INNER LIAM (nice): (at Morgan) Fuck. Off.

GRACE: Teddy is . . . friendly.

FLYNN: [stretching after the long car ride] What does that even mean?

MAHIRA: Friendly in a way we need to watch out for, or

GRACE: I don’t think so, no. He’s just. A people person.

SARAH: [derisive scoff] In the same way you are?

The front door of the house opens. A man in expensive leather shoes, Teddy, comes down the driveway to welcome them.

TEDDY: Grace! Hey, you all made it! I’d been getting a little worried when two o’clock came and went with no word.

GRACE: Hi Teddy. I did mention we were taking the scenic route, remember?

TEDDY: Yeah, but you forget — I’ve seen you drive!

FLYNN: Not to be rude or anything, but do you mind if we go inside?

As Teddy responds, he’s walking into the house, with the TEAm following. The kitchen is the first room past the foyer, and he waves for them to follow him in there. The house is a monument to bad ‘90s McMansions, empty and cavernous.

TEDDY: Not at all! C’mon in. Are any of you thirsty? I’ve got lemonade, sweet tea, water — still or sparkling, probably a couple beers somewhere in the back of the fridge.

SARAH: [under her breath] So, not in the same way Grace is.

FLYNN: [stifled laugh]

MAHIRA: You have one hell of a house, Mr. Galford-

TEDDY: Please, call me Teddy! Everybody does.

MAHIRA: Are you sure we won’t be underfoot, all of us staying here like this?

TEDDY: No no not at all! Kit and the girls are at the townhouse until school starts back up, and I spend most of my time at the office anyway, so the place is practically all yours.

LIAM: The townhouse?

TEDDY: In DC, of course. Can’t very well ask my girls to live out of hotels if they want to come to the city where Dad works.

LIAM: Of course . . . 

TEDDY: I must admit, I was a little surprised to hear from Grace after all these years! Last time she was out this way, we had a — I’m gonna call it a “difference of opinion”.

GRACE: [uncomfortable laugh] You’re very polite, calling it that.

TEDDY: Learned some whole new words I can’t use in front of my mama!

GRACE: [increasingly ready to end this conversation] Maybe we could save that story for another time? Right now, we would love to be able to put our things down and enjoy not being in the car anymore.

SARAH: Also hi yeah not to be too blunt about it but we are wanted criminals and this place is more window than not so uh-

NOEL: Would you mind if we put up some magic protections? We would, of course, take them down when we left. And they shouldn’t interfere with anything while they’re in place.

TEDDY: Not at all, fire away! And when you’re done with that, you all can have your pick of the guestrooms. And the wifi password is on the fridge — the green sticky note. 

[checks watch, surprised at the time]

Hope you won’t think me a bad host, but I’ve got to run! Meeting downtown with some folks in . . . hell’s bells, sixteen minutes! I should be back before 9, but don’t wait up!

Teddy grabs his laptop bag from the table by the door and leaves, closing the heavy front door behind him.

A beat.

NICO: What a fuckin weirdo normie.

EVERYONE: [laughter, relief after being tense so long]

NOEL: [hushed] Liam, what’s a weirdo normie?

GRACE: Can someone be both a weirdo and a normie?

SARAH: So normal you hook back around again to weird? Yeah. Absolutely.

FLYNN: So Grace, how did you two meet?

GRACE: Work.  This was well before the TEA, maybe even before I met Luis? Teddy was part of Senator Caspar’s staff.

MAHIRA: I met her once. On assignment.

GRACE: That makes sense.

LIAM: Sorry, why’s that?

MAHIRA: Caspar liked muse security at her events.


MAHIRA: Eh, she paid better than average and was always pretty friendly, so it wasn’t the worst. Just a little strange.

GRACE: I suspect some of that was Teddy’s influence. He was — still is — a strong advocate for muse rights, particularly when it comes to employment. 

[small laugh]

He is very likely the reason that I haven’t needed more lectures from you all.

An uncomfortable beat as that joke falls flat.

SARAH: Mmm. Well, at least that’s . . . something.

GRACE: Anyway, after Caspar retired, Teddy became a lobbyist. We didn’t talk nearly as much then — by that point, I was getting the TEA started.

FLYNN: But it sounds like he probably won’t sell us out?

GRACE: I wouldn’t have suggested we come here otherwise.

A beat.

MAHIRA: C’mon, Nico. Let’s go set those wards up.

NOEL: Oh! Actually, I — I was wondering if I-

MAHIRA: You wanna help?

NOEL: I think it would be . . . therapeutic, somehow. Keeping her out instead of — just keeping her out.

MAHIRA: [gently] Yeah, of course. Let’s go do that.

Mahira and Noel leave the kitchen and through the front door to set up the wards around the perimeter of the property.

FLYNN: You know, they’ve grown a lot as a person. Liam, they remind me a lot of you.

LIAM: That would make sense, given the relationship.

FLYNN: No, I — ok yeah also that. But you when I first met you. You were pretty not-ok for a while, and it’s just cool to see them coming out from under that shadow like you did, but also totally different.

LIAM: [chuckle] Not-ok is putting it mildly, I think. But that is a good way to describe Reilley’s influence. A shadow we were kept under. Getting away from that was . . . disorienting, to say the least.

SARAH: Not to butt in, but we’ve got a small issue we should take care of.

NICO: [instantly high alert] What is it?

SARAH: Calm down, I didn’t mean it like that. We’re just short on supplies, is all. First aid stuff and food. Teddy seemed nice but I don’t think he signed up to feed seven people for several days, even if he could probably afford it. Somebody needs to make a grocery run.

LIAM: I’ll go.

FLYNN: Are you sure? You’re —

LIAM: Too recognizable? I don’t care. I need to do something. I feel useless.

NICO: I’ll go with, disguise us both. I could use something to do too.

SARAH: Works for me. 

FLYNN: We can put together a shopping list while you do that.

Scene 2

INT. a suburban grocery store, relatively empty in the middle of the day

Liam and Nico walking the aisles with a cart, periodically picking something off the shelf and tossing it in as they go. The overhead lights hum.

LIAM: [reading off the list] . . . protein bars, crunchy peanut butter, Gatorade, raisins-

NICO: Fuck no, cross those off.

LIAM: Who put them on the list in the first place?

NICO: Does it matter?

LIAM: [laugh] I’m doing the risk math of who’ll be pissed if we come back without them.

NICO: Afraid of big bad Sarah?

LIAM: Absolutely I am.

BOTH: [laugh]

LIAM: It’s been a while since we’ve done something that feels this normal.

NICO: Stocking up on shelf-stable prepper food is normal?

LIAM: [looks over the list] Huh. You’re not wrong.

NICO: I mean, yeah we’re on the run so on the run food. But like.

LIAM: We haven’t had a real meal in ages.

A pause while LIAM schemes

LIAM: You know . . . there is that massive kitchen at the house. With the stove faucet thing, even. And Teddy did say we could have free run of the house.

NICO: You’re going to make me cook for you, aren’t you?

LIAM: [flirting???] “Make” is such a strong word.

NICO: Ugh! Ugh. Yeah fuck it fine.

LIAM: [pleased, triumphant giggle]

NICO: You seem . . .

LIAM: Hmm?

NICO: Different. Less [stressed Liam impression] “mmm, certainly, certainly” than you were in the car.

LIAM: Hmm. I think — this feels closer to “normal”. It’s nice. It helps drown out the voices for a bit.

NICO: Like . . . the rude dickbag conscience cricket voice?

LIAM: More like the nosy Morgan voice.

NICO: The what.

LIAM: My rude inner critic voice? Ever since the — that night, it hasn’t sounded like me anymore. It sounds like Morgan.

A beat.

LIAM: But that’s — I mean, that’s probably normal, right? That’s. Trauma does all kinds of. Nico, your face is starting to worry me.

NICO: Shut up for a second.

Nico does the Don’t-Look-At-Me magic around them, a small static zap that evolves into distant, resonant doors banging shut

NICO: Ok so yeah trauma can definitely do all kinds of buckwild fuckery and you have in no way given me enough to go on here but uhhhhhhh sounds bad! 

That sounds bad.

And it sounds like something we’re gonna need to talk to the gang about. Maybe bring in Sol. I figure they know things. 

But before all that, you need to tell me everything.

LIAM: [deep breath] Ok.

Scene 3

INT. the kitchen in Teddy’s house, late afternoon

Nico is chopping, prepping herbs. Liam is tapping his foot nervously at the kitchen table. Nico is trying to be gentle with Liam, and only mostly succeeding.

NICO: Stop that.

LIAM: What?

NICO: The tapping.

LIAM: Oh, I — I hadn’t even realized I was doing it.

FLYNN: [calling from the other room] You want any help with dinner?

LIAM: No! No, we’re alright.

NICO: [hushed] You’re still going to tell them, right?

LIAM: Yes.

NICO: Good, because this is basically ready to serve up. I even made garnishes and shit. Go let everybody know we’re about to eat. I’ll bring everything out.

LIAM: You sure you don’t want-


Liam gets up from his seat at the kitchen table and heads out into the family room, where Grace is reading, and Sarah and Flynn are hunched over a laptop together.

LIAM: Nico says dinner’s ready, so we should — where’s Mahira and Noel?

GRACE: They’re out back, last I saw.

SARAH: Yeah, she was getting fidgety inside. I can go get them.

Sarah goes to the sliding door and out into the backyard. Everyone else shuffles into the dining room, pulling out chairs, getting settled at the table.

FLYNN: Whatever we’re having, it smells incredible.

GRACE: When was the last time we even had the time to sit down to dinner together?

LIAM’S INNER MORGAN: And whose fault is that, do you think? You do seem to have a . . . complicating effect on everyone around you.

LIAM: Can we talk to Sol after dinner?

The sliding glass door opens and Sarah, Noel, and Mahira come in

FLYNN: I can send them a message, see if they’re free, sure.

SARAH: Who are we messaging?


NOEL: What about?

LIAM: Just . . . some questions. About something Nico and I talked about at the store.

MAHIRA: Uh-huh. We’re addressing that later.

LIAM: [trying to be cheeky] With Sol!

NICO: [calling from the kitchen] Food coming out, nobody be in the way!

Everyone pulling out chairs, sitting down, Nico enters and sets a heavy lasagna dish down on the table

SARAH: Ooh, dibs on a corner piece.

MAHIRA: The crispy cheese?

SARAH: The crispy cheese.

Scene 4

INT. still in the dining room of Teddy’s house, evening

Flynn setting up a video call on his laptop, the TEAm getting settled after dinner. We hear the sound of definitely-not-skype as Sol accepts the call.

SOL: Hi everyone! It’s been so long since I’ve gotten to see all your faces! How is everyone doing?

GRACE: We’re fine — how about you? Are you well? No trouble since . . . since we last talked?

SOL: Everything seems alright. Quiet, which I hope isn’t a sign of something brewing in the background, but I’m-

SOAP: [interrupting diva meowing]

LIAM: Baby!

SOL: [laugh] Ay, Soap, [help me] I think she misses you, Liam.

LIAM: I miss her too. Could you — could you boop her for me?

SARAH: [stifled laugh]

SOL: Consider it done. However, I’m guessing you didn’t want to talk just for that. So, spill the beans. What’s going on?

A beat.

NICO: Liam?

LIAM: Yes, I — of course. So, there’s a — you are aware of — I have an inner monologue.

SOL: Sí? That’s not — that’s not unusual.

LIAM: And it is often very negative and critical.

NOEL: [sympathetic noise of agreement] Yeah, nderstandable.

FLYNN: Too critical, if you ask me.

LIAM: Yes. But also. Well, it used to be my own voice saying those things to me.

MAHIRA: Used to be?

LIAM: Yes. And now it’s. It’s Morgan Reilley.

EVERYONE: [some variation of noises of concern/worry/alarm]

SARAH: Hate that! Oh I don’t trust that at all.

NICO: Yeah, that was my — that’s what I said.

MAHIRA: What is she saying?

GRACE: How long has this been going on?

NOEL: Is there anything else you’ve noticed?

A beat.

SOL: [help] All good questions that I also want answered. But Noel, that’s an interesting question. What makes you ask that?

NOEL: A bad feeling. I can’t put my finger on what just yet.

SOL: Mmm. Ok. Bien. I trust your gut. Especially about Morgan. 


LIAM: She says . . . a lot of things that my inner critic used to say too. That I’m not good enough, that I’m not useful, that I make things worse for everyone around me. Sometimes she almost sounds like a machine—she’ll try to drown things out with static, or take like . . . I don’t know, it sounds like a shutter clicking.

FLYNN: Alright, well, first up: you know it’s not true that you make things worse for people.

LIAM: Ehh . . .

MAHIRA: It’s not.

NICO: Tell them when it started.

LIAM: The night I lost my magic.

NOEL: The night you got hit by the Harmony?

LIAM: Yes.

SOL: Este . . . It could be a coincidence. But I don’t want to assume anything.

GRACE: When it comes to Reilley, I think you’re right. Assumptions were part of what held us back with her from the start.

LIAM: But couldn’t it just be a trauma response?

SOL: [Por ??], that could be a possibility, of course. Liam, would you be comfortable keeping track of what she does or doesn’t do over the next few days? Taking notes and then sending them to me so I can read them, look over?

LIAM: [clearly uncomfortable] I can try. I don’t know if she’ll change if she feels observed.

NOEL: Liam . . . you’re referring to her as a separate entity.

NICO: Yeahhhh, picked up on that.

LIAM: I — hm.

SOL: I wondered when you would notice that. More than anything else, that is what is causing me to be concerned. Even if it does turn out to be a straightforward, bog standard trauma response, I would want to talk to someone about how to approach that.

LIAM: Approach?

MAHIRA: You can’t want to just . . . leave things the way they are, right?

LIAM: Is there another option?

SARAH: Having her voice rattling around in your head? If it were me, I wouldn’t be able to get rid of her fast enough.

FLYNN: Is there any chance there’s like, a link between this and you not having — between this and your magic? 

GRACE: How do you mean?

FLYNN: What if you’re playing mind games on yourself and using her voice to do it? And making some kind of mental block?

LIAM: Maybe?

SOL: I can do some more digging and let you know if I find anything. It’s a niche subject of study. [help] you know, a fucking miracle, but sure.

SARAH: [thinking out loud] The static, the camera sounds . . . it almost sounds like she’s a computer virus.

A beat.

SOL: Say that again?

SARAH: That it sounds like a computer virus?

SOL: Fuck.

NOEL: Oh no.

GRACE: I’m going to hate what you say next, aren’t I?


Static building, becoming overwhelming and an implicit threat

NICO: Why fuck? What fuck? What the fuck?

LIAM: I would like to second the what the fuck-ing here!

SOL: [launching into fascinated researcher mode] I would need to reach out to experts, and I would want you here to run some tests, to do research, but I have a hypothesis now, and it’s objectively terrible! But it’s something! 

MAHIRA: And the “something” is that Liam has a . . . Morgan Reilley virus? What does that even mean?

LIAM: (Loud, over the static) Well she’s doing the static again so it seems like she doesn’t want me to hear this, so that seems like a good sign?

Static drops out. For a brief moment, there is the barest ringing tone in Liam’s ears

LIAM: (Laughs) [to Morgan] Coward.

[to everyone else] She stopped it.

GRACE: Jesus. Must be a fun time up there.

LIAM: Absolutely raucous and roaring. 

FLYNN: Noel, you said “oh no”. What is going on?

NOEL: Her magic’s focus is data.

SARAH: Well fuck. I. Is this what it feels like to hate being right? I don’t like it.

SOL: Liam, what if your magic isn’t gone? What if the Harmony doesn’t just scoop it out of people and throw it away?

LIAM’S INNER VOICE (NICE) and LIAM: Then where does the magic go?

A beat.

NICO: [to themself, softly] Where does it go . . .

LIAM: The magic. When people have their Halos on, or are in range of a Haven, we’ve been told there’s just a wall on our ability to connect with the magic inside of us. But when I tried to use mine with a Halo on, it was more like. Hm.

NOEL: [piecing it together too] Go on.

LIAM: It felt more like it got snatched away from me whenever I tried to use it. And with the Harmony-

NOEL: It’s not just a wall.

LIAM: No. It feels like it was scooped out of me. So if it’s out of me, then where is it now?

FLYNN: [horrible lightbulb coming on moment] Oh, fuuuck, that — ok, so there was something about Hope’s story.

SARAH typing and then scrolling furiously on her phone to pull up Hope’s Icarus blog post

SARAH: Got it. The captcha.

FLYNN: What about it?

NOEL: OH. Oh my god how could I not have noticed that how could I have been so stupid it was directly in front of me I was working on it the entire time–

GRACE: Someone please explain for the old person in the room.

LIAM: Everyone who does anything with Halo as a company has to complete a form, submit it, complete a captcha. But it’s not just picking which pictures have a boat or identifying curvy letters. You have to drag and drop part of an image into where it goes on the rest of the image.

NICO: Show me.

SARAH: Pulling it up now.

Sarah typing, navigating to something that’ll have the captcha, showing Nico

NICO: [horrified manic laughter] Oh no!! [more unhinged horror laughter]

MAHIRA: What is it? What are we looking at that broke Nico??

NICO: It’s a sigil! It’s — how the fuck does she even know how to — this [spluttering wheezing] This is ancient shit! This is old shit. This is ancestral magic family shit! Nobody does this anymore!

SARAH: You wanna walk us through what it does?

NICO: [frustrated huff] Without context, I’d have no clue! Sigils do what they’re designed to do, assuming you do them right, but NOBODY DOES THEM. Nobody teaches this because I don’t know probably the same reason they don’t teach any old family shit??

NOEL: But in this context, I think we can guess what it does.

LIAM: It tells the magic where to go.

NOEL: Mhmm. 

NICO: She’s stealing and hoarding magic WITH A CAPTCHA. [laugh] The fucking blatant audacity of just. She’s making people sign away their whole shit and nobody even knows because nobody LOOKS AT THESE????

LIAM: Which still leaves the question of where she’s hoarding the magic.

NICO: [suddenly intense as fuck] The battery.

LIAM: The what?

SARAH: The thing we stole in Palladide?

NICO: THAT’S why it felt magically fucky?? I couldn’t- [laugh] I couldn’t figure out why! And it’s just been IN A TOTE BAG IN THE TRUNK. FOR AGES. With STOLEN MAGIC. SOME OF WHICH IS LIAM’S. BUT SHE’S GOT IT LOCKED UP TIGHT, WHICH IS WHY I COULD. NOT. TELL.

SOL: How hard would it be to get around this? Like, would it take an act of God, do I just need to sacrifice my firstborn? Assuming this is what’s going on?

SARAH: [grimace noise] Not impossible, but definitely a pain. Depending on how thorough Reilley was?

NOEL: Very. And this isn’t the only one. This is a tiny little . . . it’s essentially a charging block for your phone. A little storage unit for power being funneled through larger devices she referred to as “siphons”. Which should have been a clue!

A beat.

NOEL: I apologize. I just. There was so much that I saw happening and never spoke up about. Never investigated. I only know about the siphons because there was an issue with zoning and permits for one of them a few years ago. That’s when she started cozying up to the people in charge of those matters, actually. 

LIAM: Do you know where the siphon is?

NOEL: [Sighs] No. I’m sorry.

FLYNN taking notes on his phone

FLYNN: Sarah, do you think your team can-

SARAH: [typing as she speaks] Already on it. Hey, how much information are we ok giving them about — never mind, I trust my hacker babies. 

Ok, so if she’s been hoarding stolen magic and, presumably, using it herself, this’ll help weaken that layer of armor.

NOEL: Taking out the siphon stations will also grind production to a halt. She can’t personally charge up every single Halo, Haven, and Harmony.

GRACE: I just. I think it’s worth reiterating that she is reprehensible beyond description. Using people’s stolen magic to steal more magic and turn it into a shameful thing, continuing the cycle forever.

MAHIRA: Not forever.

LIAM: No. With any luck, we can break the cycle, and make it so she can never do this again.

NICO: [uncharacteristically serious] If this is also what she did to Elisha, to everyone else in the testing programs . . .

FLYNN: Then figuring out how to fix it for Liam might mean we could help all of them too, yeah.

LIAM: Oh! Oh, then that’s. That feels like a silver lining.

GRACE: It does feel like it’s been a while since we had one of those.

MAHIRA: So what next?

SOAP: [even bigger and more diva yells]

SEASON 2 FLASHBACK LIAM: Of course, some muses still have familiars. Is — is that a thing? Is that anything?

INNER LIAM (nice): Would that be ridiculous? Maybe, but everything about this is ridiculous. There doesn’t feel like there’s a downside to trying.

LIAM: Is it possible — probably with the help of a muse, maybe one with an animal-related focus? — could you use Soap to help with some kind of. Establishing a sort of . . . long distance connection with me? To get a jump on testing? Is that absurd? Moreso than everything else about this, I mean.

NICO: [shrug noise] I’ve heard weirder. Hell, I’ve done weirder.

NOEL: The Salvai family does use some pretty old styles of magic — Nico, would-


NOEL: You don’t even know what I was going to ask yet.

NICO: I do, and no.

LIAM: What?

NOEL: But if there are any books, or-


NOEL: Or anyone still on . . . not completely horrible terms with you?

NICO: [scoff] As if I give a f– 

SARAH: Hang on shut up I might have someone.

SOL: Someone with an animal focus? Yes? Pero?

SARAH: A veterinarian. She’s my — she’s my stepsister. 

MAHIRA: So where are we headed?

SARAH: Louisiana. Outside of Monroe. I’ll ask her if we can come. We haven’t really talked in a while.

FLYNN: [gently] Dana?

SARAH: Yeah.

GRACE: Once you give the word, I can leave Teddy a note and we can leave in the morning.

[end episode]

WIL: VALENCE is a Hug House production. You can find more information at Hug House dot Productions.

WIL: VALENCE is created by me, Wil Williams. This episode was written by Katie Youmans, and edited and sound designed by Wil Williams. This episode was directed by Anne Baird and Katie Youmans, transcribed by Katie Youmans, and produced by Anne Baird. The theme music was composed by Travis Reaves.

WIL: This episode was performed by:

  • Josh Rubino as Liam Alden and Liam’s Inner Voice,
  • Noami McMillan as Morgan Reilley,
  • John Westover as Nico Salvai,
  • Caleb Del Rio as Flynn Velasco,
  • Jordan Cobb as Sarah Harris,
  • Katie Chin as Grace Chen,
  • Ishani Kanetkar as Mahira Varma,
  • Alex Welch as Noel Alden,
  • Elena Fernández Collins as Soledad Marquez,
  • Salvatore Hall as Teddy Galford,
  • and Sable as Soap!

WIL: We’d also like to thank Alyna Gorman for supporting Season 3 of VALENCE on Indiegogo.

WIL: You can find our full cast list and information on how you can support this indie podcast on valencepod dot com.

WIL: Until next time… protect your magic.

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