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Friend of the show Tonia Ransom is crowdfunding for Season 2 of Afflicted: The Bell Witch Returns! You can support Season 2 on Indiegogo at

Afflicted is a horror thriller audio drama best described as Lovecraft Country meets True Blood, told in an anthology format like American Horror Story.

All seasons will feature characters who use the hoodoo belief system, and a demonic book bound in human flesh that wreaks havoc wherever it goes. Season 1 focuses on a small, East Texas town that suffers from disasters that are anything but natural, and only the town’s shunned hoodoo queen can save the town and its citizens, but will the fearful, mistrustful citizens ensure their own demise?

Season 2 will follow a family in East Tennessee in 1964 that begins to experience a strange haunting. Who will they turn to to save themselves?


WIL: Hi! This is VALENCE showrunner Wil here to tell you about an audio drama I love that is crowdfunding its second season. You may remember a while back that we promoted Tonia Ransom’s Nightlight, a horror anthology. Since then, Tonia and the folks at Nightlight Productions have launched their first serialized horror podcast: Afflicted. Afflicted is described as Lovecraft Country meets True Blood, but honestly, I think it’s better than both of those shows. Rooted in hoodoo beliefs and practices, Afflicted follows what happens when a book bound in flesh turns up in small southern towns. The first season takes place in East Texas, and the first episode — which you’re about to hear — is one of the best audio pilot episodes I’ve ever heard.

The second season — if it gets funded — will follow the same book, but a different setting and different characters, American Horror Story style. Here’s the summary for season 2:

Season 2 of Afflicted will be set in the 1960s, and focus on a family being tormented by an unseen entity. Folks from the area insist that the Bell Witch has returned, almost 150 years after her original appearance, but is this Bell Witch a copycat, or something far more sinister? If you listened to Season 1, you know a demonic book bound in human flesh was responsible for the supernatural disasters that befell Gunnaway, and this season is no exception. The question is…who wields the book’s power this time?

But again: that’s IF it gets funded. The IndieGogo campaign for Afflicted is running until July 15th 2023, and it’s a make it or break it campaign. If you can, we’d love for you to donate and support this amazing, diverse, talented team. We’ve linked the IndieGogo in the show notes, and now, you’ll get to hear that amazing first episode. Throw them some cash, muses. They really deserve it. And until we have more to bring you – protect your magic.


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