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After his sister’s betrayal forced him into exile, Lord Valentin Tellari must now face the deadly ocean that rages against the Drumming Isles. But neither storms nor leviathans will smother the vengeful fire that burns within Valentin. He will not know rest until he has reclaimed what is rightfully his.

Levian is an upcoming high fantasy podcast brought to you by Samy Souissi (Desperado) and Hug House Productions.

You can support the show on Indiegogo beginning on July 19th, 2023 at https://igg.me/at/levian-podcast/ and find out more about the show, including full transcripts, at https://levianpod.com/.

Come hither, listener…


[fading in on the sounds of waves crashing on the shore]

VOICE 1: [sounding far away] Valentin Tellari…

VOICE 2:[desperate] Valentin, PLEASE-

VOICE 3:[a deep voice] I’ve known Lord Tellari since we were boys-

VOICE 4:[far away] Lord Tellari…

VOICE 5:[judgemental tone] Valentin, I thought, was an upstanding gentleman…

VOICE 6: [angry] Take Lord Tellari back to his cell!

[the jangling of chains, akin to those in a prison cell]

VALENTIN: [grunts as he’s roughly knocked to the ground, chains rattling as he falls] I will have your heads! All of you! I swear it on the stars and the sea and everything in between!

[the stomping of feet on wood, chains, and finally VALENTIN being shoved into a cell and the door being slammed shut]

[an ocean breeze fades in, we hear cocky laughter and distant sighs]

VALENTIN: My name is Valentin Tellari. I was raised on a barren rock called the Drumming Isles.

[the sound of waves fades back in with quiet ominous music in the background]

VALENTIN: Sea storms raged against our cliffs for half the year, while the sun keeps a spiteful eye on us the rest of the time. Like it awaits an apology and hates the elderly. By all means this place is uninhabitable, but we are a proud, spiteful people. The centuries spent fighting hurricanes. Our ancestors were masters of a gentle sea, who ventured a little too far from shore… a little too close to the great deep… and its monsters.

[the clacking of claws? teeth, maybe? a squawk from an unknown creature… the waves pick up, becoming louder]

VALENTIN: The storm pulled them towards a raging ocean, where the luckiest had been drowned and the few that survived were spat out the other side on the Isles.

[waves crashing on a rough and rocky shore]

VALENTIN: Remained only the worst of us. Enduring. Cunning. Undying…

VALENTIN: In this land we ventured to hunt the biggest game we could find—

[a harpoon whistling through the air and piercing flesh]

VALENTIN: —and stole their dens. We dug coal and ores from down below. And we started building, forging, burning, and killing until it stopped being a struggle. ‘Til it became our nature.

[mining picks hitting rock, fire burning in ovens, ending on one sharp blow of a hammer on the iron]

VALENTIN: And thus, the Empire remains hanging by a thread. It needs more meat, more soldiers. It needs… children. To deprive the Empire of its glorious descendants is a crime amongst all of my civilization. And thus, my trial.

[music fades in, indicating the beginning of a voiceover]

SAMY SOUISSI: Levian is an upcoming high fantasy podcast brought to you by the creator of Desperado and Hug House Productions.

SAMY: Come hither, listener…

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